“We want local ingredients to be the center of our menu.”


Üryan & Cihan, Zula, Turkey


Two fine-dining restaurant chefs have returned to simple street food. When the two friends Üryan and Cihan opened Zula, they didn’t really have any expectations. Just a simple bistro that serves quality fastfood classics. But it seemed to have hit just the spot, pleasing the palettes of people from Istanbul.


“We wanted it to be a place like a café, so that people can sit down. That’s how we began. It started taking form and turned towards streetfoods. We decided to focus on three simple foods: hamburgers, hotdogs and tacos. But the food shouldn’t bore us or the customers who come in. We also wanted to make reasonable prices part of our concept.”

-Cihan said about how it all began

“Not even once have we been offended at each other about work. Because we work for the same goals in our shop, even if our thinking may be different. We try to find a middle ground and I think because there are two of us and we are two compatible people, which has had a great effect on our success.”

-Talking about working together as friends



“Our goal is to advance our kitchen with local products in Turkey, and have Metro procure them for us, making our lives much easier. Their product quality is just the way we prefer it and there is a lot of variety. Metro is our biggest support.”

-Üryan said about their goal

Zula is a popular bistro for high-quality fast food with a focus on local produce. A simple place where everyone can feel welcome.


 Cihan Kipçak and Üryan Doğmus Zula


Address: İnönü Mahallesi, Harbiye Çayırı Sk. 101a, 34373 Şişli/İstanbul, Türkei

Tel: +90 532 570 52 75


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