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With more digital inclusion and consumers seeking convenience in their busy schedules, grocery shopping online has been gaining popularity among the masses in Pakistan. Various stores offering either fast deliveries, or price downs from local kiryana stores, or fresh meat, fruits and vegetables have entered the online marketplace. However, consumers want a trusted one window solution where they can get their monthly grocery done online. Metro Online has been providing nationwide delivery of grocery, electronics and lifestyle products at best prices.  

Metro Online: The Best Online Grocery Supermarket in Pakistan.

With just a few clicks, you get home delivery of the freshest grocery in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad and Multan. Be it edible grocery like farm fresh fruits and vegetables, or specialized meat cuts of chicken, mutton or beef; frozen snacks such as nuggets, burger patties or samosas; or dairy products such as packaged milk, cheese and eggs. Your complete grocery list is all covered under one window, that too on best prices. There’s also wide range of products available to cater to your dietary, personal and household needs.

Fruits and Vegetables
Get wide variety of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables at best prices compared with market. Rest assured that all the natural products are kept in temperature-controlled areas to preserve freshness till the time they are delivered to your doorstep.

Fresh Chicken, Beef and Mutton
Prices of chicken meat, mutton and beef at Metro Online are updated regularly keeping in view the daily market rates as well as the sophisticated and hygienic processing standards maintained at Metro. Freshness is guaranteed through out our value chain and quality checks are performed at each step so that you get premium cuts of meat delivered.

Dairy: Packaged Milk, Cheese and Cream
For daily intake or to make scrumptious meals, shakes, smoothies and desserts; choose from Milkpak, Olpers, Nurpur, Dairy Omung and many more. We got you covered with mozzarella, cheddar bar and sliced cheese at best prices to be used to make home-made pizzas, pastas and burgers.

Frozen Snacks
Be it ready to cook nuggets, samosas, burger patties or parathas, you get it all at Metro Online from your favorite brands like K&Ns, Sabroso, Menu, Sufi, Dawn, Monsalwa and more. These delicious products always come in handy be it satisfying a between-the-meals craving or kicking up Iftar feast in Ramadan a notch.

Laundry and Cleaning solutions
Detergents such as Surf Excel and Ariel respectively from Unilever, Procter and Gamble (P&G) and more brands on varying sizes catering to individual needs and budgets available at your fingertips. Variety of products suitable for automatic washing machines be it top load, front load or bucket washing. Moreover, keep your house clean and tidy with wide range of household cleaning solutions including Dettol antiseptic solutions and toilet cleaners.

Why Metro Online?
Easy Secure Payment Solutions Payment options ranging from Cash on Delivery, Card payment on Delivery (MPOS), Bank Transfer, Secured Credit Card payment, or Mobile Wallets like EasyPaisa and JazzCash designed to fit individual needs. Our team keep on adding solutions making online grocery shopping more and more convenient for our customers.

Open Box Delivery and Returns
Everything you order is delivered at your doorstep in specialized temperature-controlled igloo boxes to ensure the integrity and quality of fresh products like meat, dairy and frozen food. Metro Online also offers Open Box Delivery which means you have the option to verify quality and completeness of order at the time of delivery and return anything which you do not like. No questions asked.

Web Exclusive Deals
Online Exclusive Offers At Metro we strive to offer our customers with the best deals when shopping with us. Web Exclusive Offers are specially designed to give our customers the most competitive price discounts that are unmatched in the market. Do not waste another minute as the stock ends within hours. Best savings, amazing prices, best quality and a well-trained delivery team which ensures that the quality standards of Metro are met when you receive the products.

Metro Post Offers

At Metro Online and Metro stores, a bi-weekly promotion program is run called Metro Post. From Metro Post, you get awesome discounts and offers on the trending seasonal products ranging from Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, cooking ingredients, Dairy, Beverages, Snacks, Meat and Seafood, Health and Beauty and Household products. You are bound to receive best discounts and deals you will find on the internet. So lose no time as we have limited stock, create your shopping list, sit back and have a wonderful shopping experience from our web, and enjoy the ease of getting quality products delivered at your doorstep!

Branded Discounts
From time to time, you will find our star partners exclusive offers on Metro Online. Unilever, Nestle, RB, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Changhong Ruba, Sufi and many other companies partner with us to bring you value and best rates that you will not find anywhere else.

Grocery Categories

Fresh Fruits- Fresh Vegetables- Dry Fruits And Nuts- Fish- Prawns And Crabs- Beef- Mutton- Chicken- Frozen Fries- Kebab And Koftas- Nuggets And Snacks- Parathas- Samosas And Rolls- Frozen Fries- Frozen Mixed Fruits And Vegetables- Sausages- Frozen Meat- Frozen Seafood- Canned Fruits- Canned Vegetables- Pickles And Olives- Noodles And Pasta- Ready To Eat Meals- Biscuits And Wafers- Cakes And Chocolates- Crisps And Popcorn- Jellies And Marshmallows- Sweets And Toffees- Cake Mixes And Baking Add Ons- Jellies And Custards- Traditional Mixes- Coffee And Whiteners- Tea-Flour- Rice- Oil And Ghee- Pulses- Sugar- Spices And Herbs- Sauces And Seasonings- Instant Drinks- Nutritional Drinks- Red Syrups- Squashes- Cereals- Jams Honey And Spreads- Butter- Margarine- Cream- Cheese- Plain Eggs- Flavored Milk- Powdered Milk- Uht And Pasteurized Milk- Plain Yogurt And Flavored Yogurt- Cutlery- Bakeware- Pots And Pans- Kitchen Utensils And Accessories- Crockery- Storage Containers- Sponges- Dishwashing Liquids- Dishwashing Bars- Hangers And Accessories- Detergents And Laundry Soaps- Fabric Care- Mops And Brooms- Bins And Buckets- Toilet Supplies- Tissues And Napkins- Shoe Polish- Disinfectants- Air Sprays- Insecticides- O.T.C Medicines- Disposables- Bath And Shampoo- Diapers And Wipes- Baby Cereals- Baby Milk- Antibacterial- Fragrant- Hand And Body Washes- Anti Perspirants- Body Sprays And Body Mists- Conditioners- Oils And Serums- Hair Colors- Shampoos- Styling Gels- Adult Care- Men Grooming- Women Care- Lotions And Sunscreen- Masks And Cleansers- Creams- Facewashes- Tooth Pastes- Tooth Brushes- Breads- Buns- Rolls- Wraps And Pitta- Cookies- Rusks- Kitchen Electronics  - Sandwich Makers- Kitchen Electronics- Laundry - Washing Machines- Laundry - Irons And Steamers- Tvs And Entertainment  - Speakers And Audio- Tvs And Entertainment  - Led Tvs- Heating And Cooling  - Fans And Air Coolers- Heating And Cooling  - Air Conditioning- Heating And Cooling  - Geysers And Heaters- Large Kitchen Appliances  - Refrigerator And Freezer- Large Kitchen Appliances  - Water Coolers And Dispensers- Tools Diy And Lighting  - Ups And Generator- Mobile Accessories  - Batteries And Cables- Mobile Accessories  - Headphones And Headsets- Automotive  - Car Care- Automotive  - Motorbikes And Bicycles- Furniture And Decor  - Rugs And Mats- Furniture And Decor  - Furniture-Bath And Bedding  - Towels-Bath And Bedding  - Bedding-Babies And Toys  - Toys-Babies And Toys  - Swimming Pools-  
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