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METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited

Board of Directors:
Marek Andrzej Minkiewicz (Managing Director)
Zahra Hussain
Asim Isar 
Azfar Ali
Hamit Baykal
Imran Farooqui
M. Thiru 

Registered Office Address:

METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited
Safari Store situated at NA- Class 190-219
DEH OKEWARI, Near Safari Park,
University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal,
Karachi, Pakistan

Head Office Address:
METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited
Thokar Niaz Baig, Multan Road
Lahore 53700, Punjab
PakistanPhone: + 92 (0)42 37508000
Fax: +92 (0)42 37508112

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In all its publications, the Company strives to observe the copyrights associated with the graphics, video sequences and texts used, or to use its own self-created graphics, video sequences and texts, or to offer graphics, video sequences and texts from the public domain.

The trade names and trademarks used in our Internet presence, which may be protected by third parties, are subject without restriction to the regulations associated with the applicable label rights and ownership rights of their respective registered owners. Simply because a trademark is mentioned, it should not be assumed that it is not protected by third-party rights.

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Legal Effect of this Exemption from Liability

This exemption from liability should be seen as part of the Internet site from which you were linked to this page. To the extent that parts or individual wordings used in this text do not, no longer, or do not completely comply with current legislation, the remaining sections of the document remain untouched by this fact, with regard to both their content and their validity.

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Personal data are all data stored in connection with your name. Your personal data will only be recorded if you provide them on a voluntary basis, for example for the Bookmark-Function, the function "Send page" or for sending a request with the contact button. The data are stored in separate databases. In addition, the Company will if necessary also log its access to these Internet pages. When using these databases the Company observes the relevant legal provisions.

The Company strictly observes the following rules:

With our data privacy declaration and the information we provide on the Internet pages we keep you informed on the purpose for which the data you provide will be used.
•We will protect your data against inadmissible access, against loss and modification with all the means at our disposal.
•We use your data only within the Company in order to be able to offer the information, products and services demanded by you.
•We will promptly delete the personal data provided by you on receipt of the written instructions from you to do so. The Internet offering of the Company employs cookies. Cookies are small files installed on your PC in order for us to be able to offer our services on a more individualized basis.
Please, refer to the operating instructions of your Internet browser as to how cookies are created, how you can delete them and how you can prevent them being placed on your PC.
For questions concerning the processing of your personal data please get in touch with us by E-Mail. These data privacy provisions only apply to the Internet offering of the Company.

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