Frequently asked questions

  1. Is there a fee to become a METRO Customer?
    No, membership is absolutely free

  2. How can I become a METRO customer?
    Please contact the staff at the center’s customer entrance and become a permanent METRO customer by going through following 4 simple steps:-Fill the registration form available at the customer entrance-Show the original copy of your trade Certificate of registration and provide a copy of the same-Copy of your National Identity card-Authorization letter (for authorized natural persons, associations and foundations)\

  3. How is quality ensured at METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited?
    METRO takes the initiative to train producers on international quality standards. Through maintaining a cold chain and stringent quality checks, our quality department ensures that you get quality products at all times.

  4. Can I get all my supplies at METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited?
    Yes definitely. With over 20,000 articles across food and non-food categories, our customers have the convenience of getting all their supplies under one roof.

  5. What is the price benefit at METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited?
    There is a major price benefit at METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited, as we eliminate distribution costs by buying directly form manufacturers, farmers and other producers. Sourcing large quantities also provides us a price benefit that we are able to pass on to our customers.

  6. How can I pay at METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited?
    You can pay in cash, debit card or credit card when you pick up the goods.

  7. Can customers receive goods at their doorstep?
    Yes with METRO delivery solution customers can receive goods at their doorstep.

  8. What is METRO's discount policy?
    No deals, on discounts. Customers can enjoy lowest possible prices and promotional offers from time to time.

  9. What is the guarantee of product quality?
    Quality assurance measures at METRO ensure best quality of all available food and non-food products. Quality assurance measures at METRO ensure best quality of all available food and non-food products.

  10. What are the working hours at METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited?
    Monday to Sunday: 8:00am to 11:00pm.

10 Reasons to become a METRO customer

  1. Lowest possible prices
    Quality products available at best possible prices due to systematic buying approach.

  2. Stock availability
    Computerized Goods Management System (GMS) ensures availability of products on demand

  3. One-stop shop
    More than 20,000 food and non-food products offered under one roof to save your time

  4. Extensive business hours
    Non stop shopping available for longer hours. We're open Monday to Sunday: 8:00am to 11:00pm.

  5. Quality guaranteed
    Quality assurance and modern storage techniques ensure availability of high quality goods

  6. Free parking
    Vast free parking space for all types of vehicles

  7. After sales services
    Trained staff is always ready to provide after sales services to our valuable customers

  8. Promotional activities
    For different promotional offers/schemes, customers will receive METRO Post once every two weeks. Email and SMS facility is also available.

  9. Simple but comprehensive billing system
    Customers can scrutinize their own stocks using our detailed computer generated invoice

  10. Great value for money
    A wide range of different quality products, at lowest possible prices, that increase your profitability.

Steps to become customer

  1. Please visit your nearest METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited wholesale center.

  2. From Customer Entrance obtain “Customer Registration Form”

  3. Fill in the form. (You may ask for assistance from the staff present at customer entrance desks)Attach the following items with your Customer Registration Form before submission. Proof of business e.g. Copy of business NTN registration certificate OR Registration with any trade body OR Authority letter on company’s letter head etc., Copy of your National Identity Card.

  4. A temporary customer card shall be issued immediately. After due verification, a permanent card shall be issued. Permanent card can be picked up from that wholesale center after 10 days of form submission. This card can also be posted on customer’s address upon request