METRO Online: Wholesale Grocery Market in Karachi 

METRO Cash and Carry is the go-to Grocery and Electronics superstore for all Household Users, Small Businesses, B2B, Traders, Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers, Offices, and Institutions. This is because we provide the best prices in town, and we have great availability and fulfilment history.

Even in a metropolitan city like Karachi, finding 100% authentic suppliers becomes a challenge. This is where we create value, we provide original products, Food Brands, Meat, Fruits, Vegetables and a lot more, all inside one single app.

One of our key taglines, “Your success is our Business” is METRO’s promise to bring to you only the best products are the best prices. Creating value for you is what gives us the motivation to keep going. With multiple international standard certifications, we offer the finest groceries in Karachi, and we try to get to you fresh discounts and promotions every single day.

With our online apps for all kinds of customers, you don’t have to worry about your house or business needs. Just a few clicks will get your required items to your door in no time. And with the speedy delivery timelines, you don’t have to order for the whole month in one go, you can keep ordering multiple times a week if that is required by you.

Combine this convenience with exceptionally good offers today and allow METRO to create value for you.

Happy Shopping!

Wholesale grocery market in Karachi

Buy from METRO: the best Online Grocery Store in Karachi 

But why choose METRO out of so many choices in the market? Five simple reasons!  

METRO has the freshest Meat, Dairy, Bakery, Fruits, and Vegetables 

At METRO, our ultra-fresh section’s priority is your health. Therefore, we always prioritize delivering fresh produce in the best way possible, our pickers are specially trained to pick the best items from the lot just for you. Our fruits, vegetables, Meat, dairy, and bakery are the best in Market. With our state of the art cold chain management at stores and in delivery, we make sure we deliver fresh and crunchy produce right at your doorstep.

Added plus? We offer best prices every day, so you always get value for what you are paying for. 

Buy Fruits and Vegetables online from the best online grocery store in Karachi 

100% HALAL 

Being the only Halal certified retailed in Pakistan gives METRO an edge over competitors. Our stores are also FSSC certified to give you a peace of mind when buying from us. More that this, we also offer Qurbani services (loved by tens of thousands of people across Pakistan and overseas). All meat comes from healthy animals sacrificed according to the Shariah law. And we also cut all meat according to your instructions, just mention if and what kind of pieces you require in the comments on the app, and the team will get it done for you. 

Buy Chicken, Mutton, Beef and Fish Online 

100% Genuine 

We do not sell anything that is not received via a proper channel. Anything that you buy from METRO will be 100% genuine and original, be it your favorite grocery and skincare brand or your favorite electronics product. All the products come directly from the respective vendors. 

Buy online grocery in Karachi from METRO Supermarket  

Huge range of Categories 

METRO is the definition of a typical one-stop shop. We provide pretty much everything under the sun, and our huge warehouses/stores can stock great amounts of stock for every item. Therefore, every METRO store is home to tens of thousands of products with hundreds of thousands as the quantity.

To get access to all these products, all you need to do, is to download our app in your phone and start shopping. 

Buy everything from METRO Grocery store near you 

Tight Budget, No Worries 

With a growing cost of living and inflation, it is safe to assume that everyone is in need of some good discounts, and not only do we provide you with reduced prices, but we also have a number of METRO created brands that give you a saving of over 25% vs market prevalent brands while ensuring same or better quality. METRO’s own brands offer products in Detergents and Toiletries, Canned Goods, Oil, and Ghee, Commodities, Frozen, Diary, and even Non-Food. 

Buy METRO own brands online with best savings 

Customer Centric Convenience 

For METRO, Customer is everything. One of our 5 principles is customer centricity. We believe in delivering you with a world class service. Our application is easy to use and allows you to place order super quickly. Our Express delivery service (available in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, and Islamabad) gets the order to you in the quickest possible time. 

Buy Grocery in Karachi, Same Day Delivery 

Surprise! Amazing Discounts and Promotions are here. 

It’s always great to get a lower price on something you need. METRO gives you a lower price on pretty much everything. With ongoing promotion campaigns like the METRO posts, Web Exclusive offers, Vouchers, Cashbacks, Luck draws, METRO always has something for you. 

METRO Cash and Carry Karachi Promotions and Discounts 

Choose METRO as your preferred grocery and electronics partner today to avail 100% original products, lowest prices, express delivery on your doorstep, next day delivery orders over 2,000 Rs. are free shipping, Cashbacks and other benefits.

So, download the METRO app now and place first order with us.

Happy shopping  

Grocery Categories

Fresh Fruits- Fresh Vegetables- Dry Fruits And Nuts- Fish- Prawns And Crabs- Beef- Mutton- Chicken- Frozen Fries- Kebab And Koftas- Nuggets And Snacks- Parathas- Samosas And Rolls- Frozen Fries- Frozen Mixed Fruits And Vegetables- Sausages- Frozen Meat- Frozen Seafood- Canned Fruits- Canned Vegetables- Pickles And Olives- Noodles And Pasta- Ready To Eat Meals- Biscuits And Wafers- Cakes And Chocolates- Crisps And Popcorn- Jellies And Marshmallows- Sweets And Toffees- Cake Mixes And Baking Add Ons- Jellies And Custards- Traditional Mixes- Coffee And Whiteners- Tea-Flour- Rice- Oil And Ghee- Pulses- Sugar- Spices And Herbs- Sauces And Seasonings- Instant Drinks- Nutritional Drinks- Red Syrups- Squashes- Cereals- Jams Honey And Spreads- Butter- Margarine- Cream- Cheese- Plain Eggs- Flavored Milk- Powdered Milk- Uht And Pasteurized Milk- Plain Yogurt And Flavored Yogurt- Cutlery- Bakeware- Pots And Pans- Kitchen Utensils And Accessories- Crockery- Storage Containers- Sponges- Dishwashing Liquids- Dishwashing Bars- Hangers And Accessories- Detergents And Laundry Soaps- Fabric Care- Mops And Brooms- Bins And Buckets- Toilet Supplies- Tissues And Napkins- Shoe Polish- Disinfectants- Air Sprays- Insecticides- O.T.C Medicines- Disposables- Bath And Shampoo- Diapers And Wipes- Baby Cereals- Baby Milk- Antibacterial- Fragrant- Hand And Body Washes- Anti Perspirants- Body Sprays And Body Mists- Conditioners- Oils And Serums- Hair Colors- Shampoos- Styling Gels- Adult Care- Men Grooming- Women Care- Lotions And Sunscreen- Masks And Cleansers- Creams- Facewashes- Tooth Pastes- Tooth Brushes- Breads- Buns- Rolls- Wraps And Pitta- Cookies- Rusks- Kitchen Electronics  - Sandwich Makers- Kitchen Electronics- Laundry - Washing Machines- Laundry - Irons And Steamers- Tvs And Entertainment  - Speakers And Audio- Tvs And Entertainment  - Led Tvs- Heating And Cooling  - Fans And Air Coolers- Heating And Cooling  - Air Conditioning- Heating And Cooling  - Geysers And Heaters- Large Kitchen Appliances  - Refrigerator And Freezer- Large Kitchen Appliances  - Water Coolers And Dispensers- Tools Diy And Lighting  - Ups And Generator- Mobile Accessories  - Batteries And Cables- Mobile Accessories  - Headphones And Headsets- Automotive  - Car Care- Automotive  - Motorbikes And Bicycles- Furniture And Decor  - Rugs And Mats- Furniture And Decor  - Furniture-Bath And Bedding  - Towels-Bath And Bedding  - Bedding-Babies And Toys  - Toys-Babies And Toys  - Swimming Pools-  
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