“I want to bring back forgotten flavors.”


Pepa, Qüenco de Pepa, Spain


Pepa has been a passionate cook since childhood and dedicates her cuisine to restoring forgotten flavours. At her restaurant, Qüenco de Pepa, she tries to keep products as untouched as possible, while emphasizing their natural taste. She also cultivates ancient seeds of vegetables with the aim of going back to the origin of the food.


“It took us 15 years to complete our tomato project, to get back the original state of these tomatoes. And now we want to do the same with other vegetables. We want to offer the customer a pure product, free of chemicals and pesticides. Next year we will start recovering old eggplant varieties.”


- Pepa said about her goal



“I like to remember the favorite table of each customer or which dish they had last time, just to make sure they try other dishes from the menu. Many people ask, how can I remember so many things and so many details? I think I have a good photographic memory and, above all, I have a lot of interest in my clients.”


- Talking about her customers



“The support of Metro is essential for Qüenco de Pepa. At Metro we find ingredients with the same quality level as our tomatoes. The same purity and naturalness that we seek to offer our customers. But Metro’s role in building the growing community of chefs in Spain is also crucial, with their events and activities bringing us together.”


- Pepa said about Metro

Visitors to Qüenco de Pepa come for the offer of good and healthy foods, but stay for the promise of a great time in a pleasant atmosphere.

Address: Calle Henri Dunant, 21-23, 28036 Madrid, Spanien

Tel: +34 913 45 10 84 

Web: quenco.com





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