“I want to support the family bakery through my shops.”


Vratko, SK Catering, Slovakia


Vratko owns 9 grocery stores with more than 70 employees, and manages to open a new store just about every year. His greatest motivation is to support the family bakery by selling their fresh baked goods in all of his shops.


“You have to enjoy what you do if you want to accomplish your goals. I often hear people complaining and I wonder, why are they moaning about being in business when it was their own decision, no one is forcing them to do it. So my motto is: I’m in business, I enjoy it but it’s not the only thing in my life. And I’ll stay in business as long as it fulfils me.”


-Vratko said about his attitude towards business

“I really enjoy it when customers praise us by telling us that our store is a lot better than whatever was there before. And that the services we offer have really made their lives easier or better. That is high praise. It’s very rewarding when I see that the business has a purpose and that what we do has a real effect on people’s lives.”


-Talking about that rewarding feeling



“I remember when Metro introduced delivery in Slovakia, it was around the time when we were getting started. Before that, we had to go to Metro to pick up the goods ourselves and then I believe we were one of the first customers in Slovakia to be provided with the delivery service. We had to reinvent the process ourselves, finetuning it through a lot of communication, but we pulled it off. I think very successfully as well, to the point where it has now become routine.”


-Vratko said about Metro’s first deliveries

SK Catering is not just a chain of supermarkets, but a place where the family tradition is showcased in a mouth-watering array of irresistible baked goods.


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