“I want to bring freshness to town.”


Dario, VRBA STR, Serbia


Dario has successfully run four shops for 26 years now. Three generations of his family are involved, pitching in whenever they can. With great attention to detail, Dario makes sure to select the best products, providing customers in his neighbourhood with the utmost freshness, always at fair prices.


“Our goal is to make everybody satisfied and have everything fresh. We don’t exaggerate with the quantities and like to avoid letting items go unsold for days, so we buy our fruit and vegetables fresh every day, from seasonal produce to everything else. That way our stores always offer a wide assortment of the freshest fruit and vegetables at affordable prices.”


-Dario said about the importance of freshness


“There are lots of older people in the neighbourhood who are not that mobile, and they benefit greatly when we bring food and other products to their homes. And that’s something we do too, never a problem. That means they can ask for whatever they want, and if possible we get it for them, stocking the store with items they ask for.”


-Talking about going the extra mile



“Regardless of the major competitors we have in our area – a number of big hypermarkets – we have a really fair and good cooperation with Metro and we are very satisfied with their store. We would also like our customers to be satisfied with our offer of goods, which are mostly supplied by Metro.”


-Dario said about Metro

Shopping at VRBA STR supermarkets is a joy, with their excellent selection of fresh fruit and vegetables and a choice of delicacies on offer.


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