“I want to establish a new culinary concept in Moscow.”


Alexander, Bar Boshko, Russia


Alexander and his wife dreamed about having a restaurant 15 years ago. After visiting all kinds of restaurants all over Europe and in Moscow, gathering experience along the way, a few years ago they opened Bar Boshko together. And their next undertaking is already due to open in the fall.


“We’ve always felt passionate about the evolution of the Russian restaurant business. With great respect, we paid close attention to the gurus in our sector. They introduced the culture of restaurant-going to the Russian market, influencing us and also a large number of young other restaurant owners starting up their businesses.”


-Alexander said about restaurant evolution in Russia

“Before opening our restaurant, we addressed our fellow restaurateurs, who gave us some good advice. They said: Don't listen to anybody, guys, do it the way you've imagined it, how you see it and perceive it. And that's exactly what we did, and as a result we have this project.”


-Talking about taking advice



“I was a Metro supplier myself for many years, then I switched sides and became a Metro customer. I plan to continue developing my relationship with Metro, especially because Metro is undergoing some interesting changes at the moment, especially qualitative changes in relation to us, to small business owners.”


-Alexander said about Metro

Bar Boshko is a lovely café with an inviting atmosphere. Delicous food and great conversation are on the menu here.


Aleksandr Boboshko BarBoshko

Address: новокуркинское ш д 1, Moskau, 125466

Tel: +7 903 102-16-00

Web: http://www.barboshko.ru


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