“I want to offer what my neighbourhood needs..”

Liviu, BIAN, Romania


Liviu and his wife opened their first store with 4 employees in 2002. They’ve come a long way since then, opening a new store almost every year until there were 8. Today they have over 100 employees, very good turnover and no intention of slowing down their growth.


“People feel best in a team that has a pleasant atmosphere. It’s the first thing they want in a job, before financial and other considerations. We have created teams we respect, and they also respect us. We moved our best people over to the new stores we opened and they continued to shape other great teams.”

- Liviu said about teamwork





“Every challenge we face is a step forward. With a lot of work and respect for our customers and employees, we have managed to resolve any issues that might arise. We just find solutions to the problems and face any challenges we have. So we don’t actually have any problems at all.”

- Talking about challenges



“I buy fresh produce for our stores every day. I also visit Metro to buy good quality products at good prices. We were glad when our local Metro in Buzau opened and went to the store opening, as we were invited. Since then we’ve been in constant communication with them.”

- Liviu said about Metro

BIAN stores can be found all across Buzau, offering a variety of quality products at competitive prices, sold by people who take pride in working there.

Address:  Complex M14, Aleea Școlilor, Buzău, Romania

Tel: +40 734 340 323

Web: bian.ro



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