“I want to bring people together.”


Francisco, Pàteo do Petisco, Portugal


It’s not always a good idea to mix business and pleasure. But when Francisco and his four friends opened a place of their own with the goal of bringing people together at the table, their concept hit the mark. Since then, they have turned countless strangers into friends while at the same time enjoying working and spending time together all day.


“We got together as five friends who really liked going out for lunch or dinner. So one day we had the idea of opening our own place, where we would welcome our friends and where people could feel at home. It started as more of a joke, so we had no idea it would turn into such a success.”


- Francisco said about how it all started



“We take great pleasure in welcoming people. I grew up in an atmosphere where this was encouraged. We all did, since we all grew up together. And we endeavor to pass this attitude and our friendship on to our children as well. We even get the families together for a week of vacation every year, which makes the friendships grow even stronger.”


- Talking about friendship



“At our restaurants we offer a daily special, a different dish every day. Everything we need for this, we get at Metro. We really enjoy going there together, as we are treated really well and can identify with the people who work there. They also like our concept and support us as much as necessary.”


- Francisco said about Metro

Francisco and his friends opened Pàteo do Petisco in 2010. Today they run altogether 4 restaurants, places where snacking and socializing go hand in hand.


Francisco Meira Vidal   Páteo do Petisco


Address: Rotunda Dom Carlos I, Areia (2.217,23 km) 2750-057 Cascais


Tel:  +351 21 012 4648


Web: https://www.facebook.com/pateodopetiscocascais


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