“My goal is to provide the best quality for my commmunity.”


Edyta, Odido Shops, Poland



In 2000, all Edyta wanted was to create a job for herself and her husband. Today, she is the proud owner of 4 shops in her community, juggling daily duties while making sure to spend enough time with her family. She is optimistic, well-organized and the definition of a true superwoman


“I also try, despite all those responsibilities, to spare some time for leisure, such as riding my bike, which I often use to go from shop to shop. And I also make sure I have a chance to rest, think, and spend quality time with my family, every day.”


- Edyta said about finding a balance

“There have been many bureaucratic obstacles over the years. But we managed to come out on top every time. Organization is key and my biggest success. My other passion is educational work with young people, which I’ve been doing for 24 years now. It’s hard to juggle it all, but definitely worth it.”


- Talking about challenges along the way



 “If something our customers want to buy is missing, I try to order it as soon as possible. I also try to offer any new services they request, just to keep the customers happy and make them feel important to us. I want to show them that we’re here for them and waiting – just for them. I want to continue to grow and keep improving the quality of our customer service.”


- Edyta said about her goal

Edyta’s shops are very well stocked and perfectly organized. They provide the community with important goods and great service.




Powstańców Wielkopolskich 7, 64-735 Miały, Polen

Web: sklepy-odido.pl


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