“I want to open a second restaurant.” 


Lilian, Cocotte Jolie, Italy


It wasn’t easy starting from scratch, teaching herself the essentials and establishing herself as a business woman in Italy. But Lilian faced every challenge that came her way, only to fulfill her desire to teach people how to eat better. Today, she runs her bistro with pure joy and success and dreams about opening another place.


“My customers are like visitors to my home, they must be treated well. I want to give love through my food and make people understand that beauty starts with what you eat. My customers deserve the best of everything I have to offer. Seeing them go away happy after eating my food fills my heart with joy.”


- Lilian said about her customers

“People keep telling me what I can’t do and I keep proving them wrong. You have to fight three times harder than a man would to be successful as a woman in Italy. Not just a woman, I’m black and a foreigner as well, successfully running a business – people struggle with accepting this.”


- Lilian said about empowerment



“For me, Metro is essential. I learned so much through the Metro Academy and can lean on Metro for everything else as well. Advice, quality products and rental equipment, delivery service, you name it. Our collaboration continues to grow, because I would like to involve Metro much more in what I’m going to do: open a restaurant in Milan and showcase my creations there. ”


- Lilian said about METRO

Lilian opened the Cocotte Jolie bistro in 2012. She serves artisan food, from pasta to desserts, with a side of love.



Restaurant Cocotte Jolie

Piazza Centro Commerciale, 113 I-20090 Segrate Italie

Tel: +39 02 3670 7098

Web: cocotte-jolie.business.site



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