“I want my family shop to be the go-to-place.”


Vijay, V Family Mart, India


9 months ago, the Singh family decided to open a small supermarket for the convenience of their community. Vijay helps his wife to run the store while keeping his day job. With the support of grateful customers in the gated communities of the area, the Singhs plan to open several more stores.


“Today is the last day of a promotion we ran, and we’ve had a huge response from our customers. So now we understand how absolutely essential it is to provide special offers to attract customers. Currently our customer base is very limited and we know each one personally.”


-Vijay said about advertising

“Like me, my wife has a dream of owning multiple shops in and around this neighborhood. That’s what inspires me to keep on doing this job. Whether we are losing money or earning some. Only time will tell whether we can make it or not. But I think for now, we’ve decided that we will continue this business and slowly take it to another level.”


-Talking about expanding




“I was looking for a supplier who can give me everything under one roof. That’s how we came to Metro. And once we went inside the Metro store, I saw that everything is available. So, that made our life easier. They have everything, packed food, frozen food, dairy products, you name it. So we can find the products we need for filling up our stock and only have to visit one store.”


-Vijay said about shopping at Metro

The V Family Mart is the local go-to-supermarket of the community, located conveniently for everyone in the neighborhood.


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