“I want to open another restaurant in my style”


Dorian, Atelier Yssoirien, France


From chips to the stars: Dorian started working for his father making chips when he was only 12 years old. Step by step he worked his way up until he had a restaurant of his own and has now been awarded his first Michelin Star. Next up: Dorian wants to go back to his roots by opening his next restaurant in Amsterdam.


“My parents always worked a lot. They did so much for me and I try to give something back. Then there’s my wife, without her I’d never have done it all. She motivates me more than I can say. I’m touched.


- Dorian said about what motivates him

“Of course I’m very proud of my star. I worked very hard for it and when I got it it came as a surprise anyway. But I’m also very proud of having created 14 jobs, because the people working with me are really dedicated. That’s something I like a lot.”


- Talking about what he’s proud of



“I became a Metro customer when I opened my restaurant. No matter what I need, it’s always available. I can rely on Metro and look forward to their support when I open my next restaurant in Amsterdam. ”


- Dorian said about METRO

The Atelier Yssoirien restaurant opened its doors in 2012. Its team works hand in hand to provide visitors with a 1-star dining experience.



L’atelier Yssoirien

39 boulevard Triozon Bayle, 63500 Issoire

Tel: 0473894447

Web: http://www.atelier-yssoirien.com/contact/



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