“I want to turn my new restaurant into the next big thing.”


Oskar, La Strada & Fabrik Food Factory, Czech Republic


Oskar has been running the Fabrik bistro with joy and success for 7 years. Now it’s time to open Fabrik 2, with the goal of making it one of the best in town, giving the competition something to chew on.


“Seven years ago we opened Fabrik as a sort of additional kitchen. It was supposed to relieve the workload at La Strada, the place I started working at when I got back from living in Germany for 10 years. So we actually only wanted to open a kitchen where we would just cook food, and the little bistro came about as a kind of by-product, really.”


- Oskar said about Fabrik



“Being in the kitchen means to me that I can do the one thing I’m good at. I’ve tried other things, but I’ve always had to come back to cooking. Because it just makes me happy. And, above all, it’s not a routine. Every time it’s something different. I simply enjoy this job. I just wouldn’t do it if I didn’t enjoy it.”


- Talking about his joy of cooking



“Metro is unique in their broad range of products, you can genuinely get everything you need there. But I also benefit from Metro academy and specialist seminars. I’ve participated in workshops with famous chefs and taken part in culinary courses. I think I’m quite active in the area of Metro services.”


- Oskar said about Metro

Fabrik offers appealing and delicious food in an industrial design setting. A stylish meeting point for everyone.




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