“My goal is to introduce new flavors to my guests”


Goran, Fidel Gastro, Croatia

Goran sees life as a series of changes. To him, constant change and innovation are key. And you can taste just that in the food at Fidel Gastro, which is infused with cuisines from all over the world. Here healthy and delicious dishes are served with a twist, making the Fidel Gastro one-of-a-kind in Zagreb, if not in all of Croatia.


“People from all over the world come to us and I like talking to them. It makes me love this job and that’s the basic motivation. Of course I’m also happy so see other people recognize the effort and energy we invest.”

- Goran said about running his business




“The idea of creating ‘fusion’ dishes with the influences of all kinds of cuisine from all over the world intrigues me. There are so many flavors. I think it’s important to introduce people to them, to show them new tastes and other eating habits so we can live in a kind of multicultural world.”

- Talking about his goal



“The phenomenal thing about working with Metro is the fact that they work in 26 countries. Metro’s job is actually fusion as well. I’ve been buying at Metro for a very long time. In fact, I keep relaying my needs to them and can watch the assortment change accordingly. I think it’s amazing how a huge company like that can actually respond and change things so quickly.”

- Goran said about METRO

After decades of working in the catering business, Goran opened Fidel Gastro in 1993. They offer fusion cuisine with flavors from all over the world.


Fidel Gastro 


Web: http://fidelgastro.hr/

Address: Krste Pavletića 1, 10000, Zagreb



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