“I want to spread vegetarian cuisine in China.”


Guangzhen, Vege Tiger Food, China


Ten years ago, Guangzhen started a chain of vegetarian restaurants, not only for his own personal convictions as a vegetarian but also for others. He combines Chinese cuisine with a vegetarian diet, serving delicious and original dishes to his guests. His wish is to popularize vegetarian cuisine not only in his community but for the whole world.


“If we were too old-style and traditional, we wouldn’t be able to draw new customers. Therefore, we need to innovate in a way that our customers will accept. At present, the biggest challenge is continuing to develop new recipes while maintaining classic dishes as well.”


- Guangzhen said about innovation

“I think inspiration is something that is difficult to grasp, but at the same time you can’t live without it. I read a lot and communicate with others to get inspired. I like talking with other people like waiters, chefs, and of course, customers. I think what they say can be inspiring to me.”


- Talking about inspiration



“We established an official partnership with Metro in 2014. I am very impressed by their quality guarantee and their considerate after-sales service. Whenever we have any questions, they offer us a solution as soon as possible.”


-Guangzhen said about Metro

Vege Tiger Food is one of seven restaurants that provide guests with very clean and healthy cuisine and make dining out a joy for vegetarian customers.


Huo Guangzhen Vege Tiger Food


Address: 203, Southeast Huayuan Office Building, 88, Shuangqing Rd, Haidian District, BeijingChina


Tel: 010-82527078


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