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We shape our procurement and product range responsibly and create a high level of transparency along the entire value chain, with the aim of generating added value for our customers. In this way, we are able to supply our customers with affordable, healthy, safe, high-quality products and suitable services. And with products that are produced in a socially responsible, environmentally sound and resource-friendly manner. In doing so, we are also strengthening local producer structures and regional development. Additionally, we pass our expertise in the fields of resource management, procurement and product range composition on to our partners, independent entrepreneurs, in order to generate long-term business perspectives and a competitive edge for them and for us. This is how we secure our future and promote sustainable procurement processes and responsible consumption. This contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals, such as SDG 12


Local sourcing

Sourcing products from local suppliers has benefits for the environment. The CO2 balance of products improves when transport distances are shorter. The procurement costs are also lower. In addition, post-harvest losses can be reduced and food waste prevented at this stage in the value chain if suppliers are trained to comply with certain standards and make their products marketable.



METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited - Upgrading FSSC 22000 Certification from Ver.4.1 to Ver 5.

METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited Quality Assurance team is committed to upgrade food safety and quality management system in Pakistan in  accordance with international and local standards; for this purpose, two training sessions for Store Operations and QA team on FSSC 22000 version 5 and Halal Standard requirements were organized by involving Bureau Veritas Pakistan. All 9 stores of METRO are certified on FSSC 22000 ver. 4.1



METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited Quality Assurance: Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia


In a deliberate effort to reduce gap between Industry & Academia, METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited QA Team along with Star Farm (Metro Group owned Company) went to Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore (UVAS) to talk about “Supply Chain and Post-Harvest Management of Fruits & Vegetables” and to Government College Women University Faisalabad (GCWU) to talk about the Importance of Halal Supply Chain Management & Certification.



Free Range Eggs


Free Range means that chicken or animals are able to roam around freely in green pastures rather than being restricted in cages or sheds. We feed our chicken with all natural ingredients like corn, wheat rice, maize, etc. Our free range eggs are 98% less likely to carry Salmonella and fulfill two Sustainability Goals 3 & 12 i.e. Good Health & Well being and Responsible Consumption & Production respectively