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Our butchery provides neat & clean mutton whole carcass & special parts in loose as well as pre-pack form as per the customer convenience. Healthy & appropriate age animals are sourced from different markets & farms and slaughtered in Government approved slaughter houses. 

High quality meat is brought to the shelf to present customers tasty & pure product as value for money is our slogan. Specific parts are available all the time according to the customer needs e.g., Mutton Leg (Raan), Shoulder (Dasti), Back Chop (Puth), Front Chops (Chanp) etc. 

  • Fresh Goat

    Fresh Goat

    METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan offers you wide assorment of fresh goat meat.

  • Fresh Mutton

    Fresh Mutton

    METRO offers you wide assorment of fresh mutton meat.

  • Mutton Offal

    Mutton Offal

    Mutton offal are known characteristic odor and flavor they experience more deeply, than for sheepmeat.

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  • Packaging

    One of the services that we provide is a special meat packing according to the requirements of its customers. For retailers, it's meat packaged in a size suitable for further resale or classic packaging of fresh meat intended for butchers. HoReCa segment Customers can order different pack sizes of the same product according to the needs of a retailer egalizované serving chilled and frozen meat identical size and weight, as well as meat cook, special sections and specific types of meat.


    Each establishment Food handlers must adhere to principles that will ensure food safety and minimize health hazards for consumers. Hazard analysis and critical control points determine abbreviated HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is different for different types of operations and its preparation and compliance is one of the fundamental tasks of the operator of the facility. Involves several steps aimed to analyze in detail the production process and identify all possible risks that could result in harm on health foods.

  • Orders

    Thanks to our mass platform, where processing takes place fresh meat, it can turn to us with a request for specific cuts or other adjustments of the raw material. Advanced method of packaging can also, therefore, the size and number of individual pieces. These specifications will allow easier and faster to prepare meat dishes from your diet.