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Onions are an important part of the human diet - has always been seen as a source of energy and also highly valued in medicine. Aromatic and juicy pulp onion contains many substances beneficial to human health - vitamin A, E and C, vitamin B group, as well as glucose, sucrose, protein and calcium, sulfur and fluorine. Thanks to the essential oil content of allicin acts as a natural antibiotic. Currently grown numerous diverse varieties, which differ in color, size, flavor and cooking processing capabilities. The METRO is ready for you a varied selection of many kinds, from the most common yellow onions, red or white through to the delicate and acclaimed chefs shallots.

More information

  • Kitchen onions

    Or Yellow Onions are among the most used all kinds of vegetables. The kitchen forms the basis of stews, sauces, soups or stews vegetable mixture, flavored with dripping meat roasting and attachments from potatoes, rice and legumes. Perfectly applied separately in the role of the main ingredients that example might be onion soup, fried rings in batter or jam, which serves as a dip or supplement to steaks.

  • White onions

    Onions white skin is grown mainly in warmer drier climate, major suppliers are Spain and Italy. White onion has over other kinds of delicate flavor, which loses heat treatment. It is used especially in cold kitchen as an ingredient in salads, dips, spreads and cold soups.

  • Red onion

    Varieties with red to purple-colored peel originate mainly from Italy. Red onion has a delicate flavor and a slightly sweet aroma. It is used most often in salads and cold dishes, in which well-emphasize its decorative appearance. It applies even in the hot kitchen, eg. As part of the vegetable mixture from the pan or skewers. The long cooking or braising, however, does not fit - losing not only color, but also taste.

Guarantee of quality

The entire assortment of vegetables through strict control, which starts with a careful selection of the producer or supplier. Each delivery of new goods devote maximum attention to our staff. Firstly, focus on keeping the temperature during the transport chain and on the state of packaging and labels. The next step is to check the parameters of individual pieces of vegetables - the size of the fetus, the temperature on the surface or inside, as well as the presence of fungi and pests. Carefully checked vegetables without defects are then distributed to individual stores.