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Garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants and also among the twenty most important kinds of vegetables in the world - its unique aroma is applied in kitchens around the world. For centuries, also pays for medicinal plant - acts as a natural antibiotic, antiseptic effects, helps correct functioning of the circulatory and digestive system and promotes immunity. The assortment of vegetables to choose from different varieties of garlic from domestic and foreign production. In MACRO offer conventional fresh and processed garlic, and you can also choose the option of organic quality.

More information

  • Kitchen garlic

    Kitchen or garlic pea originally from Southwest Asia, currently is cultivated worldwide. Its culinary use is extremely broad - it is used to flavor all kinds of roasted and braised meats, goes well with fish and seafood and stand out even in the company of various kinds of vegetables. It is used in the preparation of meat and vegetable soups and fits well with cream, cheese and dairy products.

  • Ramsons

    Wild garlic grows in moist deciduous forests where it forms large colonies.It is easily recognizable due to the significant garlic aroma. The kitchen is applied to other kinds of herbs in the preparation of spreads, dips or flavoring vegetable side dishes, rice or pasta. Blanched leaves are applied as an alternative to spinach and taste great example in combination with lamb.

  • Garlic processed

    In METRO offer next-quality fresh garlic from domestic and foreign growers also pretreated and processed products. Practical solutions represent mainly for professional facility, they are ready to use and saves time and effort of staff. The assortment cooled, peeled and chopped garlic, garlic also in the form of chilled puree or paste is prepared and fresh wild garlic puree.

Guarantee of quality

The entire assortment of vegetables through strict control, which starts with a careful selection of the producer or supplier. Each delivery of new goods devote maximum attention to our staff. Firstly, focus on keeping the temperature during the transport chain and on the state of packaging and labels. The next step is to check the parameters of individual pieces of vegetables - the size of the fetus, the temperature on the surface or inside, as well as the presence of fungi and pests. Carefully checked vegetables without defects are then distributed to individual stores.