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Cauliflower evolved from wild "chickenpox" brassica, which occurs mainly in the Mediterranean and the coasts of Western Europe. It acquired its name by atypical cones, which consists of undeveloped inflorescence. Currently, cauliflower and its numerous varieties grown around the world, the largest producers are France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition to the taste and preference of numerous processing options are also appreciated for the content of healthy substances. Eating cauliflower supplies the organism vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Positive effect on the digestive system and circulatory system and also helps to cleanse the body from harmful substances.

More information

  • White cauliflower

    The most widespread varieties of cauliflower belong simultaneously to the most versatile vegetable species. The kitchen is most commonly used to prepare soups, bakes and salads, popular is also coated in bread crumbs and seasoned batter. Before preparing the cabbage head is suitable to soak in cold acetic water to flush the impurities, flies and other insects.

  • Romanesco (pyramidal)

    Yellow-green varieties of cauliflower are grown in Italy and says she also pyramidal cauliflower. In addition to the attractive appearance and taste is also characterized by a higher content of valuable substances, than the white cauliflower. Romanesco is treated like broccoli, frequently serves as a supplement, but also fits gratins and soups.

  • Varied options

    Purple cauliflower is especially popular in Italy and its color varies from reddish to dark purple. Green cauliflower has a light green color, is more aromatic than white cauliflower and contains more nutrients. French specialties are decorative and relatively expensive mini cauliflower, which is covered mainly by higher gastronomy.

Guarantee of quality

The entire assortment of vegetables through strict control, which starts with a careful selection of the producer or supplier. Quality of our species are thoroughly checked on a platform Hortim in Brno. Each delivery of new goods devote maximum attention to our staff. Firstly, focus on keeping the temperature during the transport chain and on the state of packaging and labels. The next step is to check the parameters of individual pieces of vegetables - the size of the fetus, the temperature on the surface or inside, as well as the presence of fungi and pests. Carefully checked vegetables without defects are then distributed to individual stores.