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METRO being a Whole Sale Cash & Carry source Fresh Water Fish directly from the Farms and serves to the HoReCa customers specially Fish Fryers in parallel competition to the Local wet markets but at higher Quality Standards to revolutionized this industry in Pakistan. Following all International Standards of Quality, Hygiene & Cold Chain is our pride. We culture in our Farms a mix of species like Rohu, Theila, Morakhi, Grass Carp, Tilapia, Singhari, Malli & Phool Soal in a proportion to entertain our customers with 100% availability of their required specie & size variant in the season.

Freshwater fish

  • Carp


    METRO sources Rohu & other Carps by Contract Farming & maintaining the effacing supply chain

  • Salmon


    Salmon belongs to the most popular fish and can be prepared in many ways

  • Trout


    METRO sources Trout Fish directly from Sawat & Kalaam and preserve its freshness

More information

  • Distribution

    To cater to the needs of our customers, we make sure that we provide the best variety of fish/sea food. This is the reason why METRO procures its seafood and fish from its own Farms. Our fish farms then distribute the assortment to all the stores across the nation. The process is always not only swift but also takes care of utmost quality standards.

  • Deliveries

    Our HoReCa customers can order direct supply of fresh fish to their restaurants. Our fish come from the METRO fish platform. METRO company follows strict hygiene standarts, which allow a hundred percent guarantee freshness and quality of delivered good.

  • Freshness

    With a sophisticated distribution system for the fish to reach consumers shortly after cathing. For  live freshwater fish is guaranteed absolute freshness, salwater fish are transported in special containers and safely stored on ice. Fresh fish is known by its clean, pure eyes and distinctive gloss on the surface. The gills should be bright red, they shouldn't be grayed out, slimy or dry. In case of fillets disclose the quality and freshness solid meat and uniform color.

Ask our experts

Our vendors will be happy to advise you with selection of fish and seafood from our fish shop, recommend an appropriate kitchen adjustment and provide much more information. If you prefer a certain type of fish you can ask the operator for the latest information on fish's origin and availability. Our experienced professionals can also assist you with prepapring fish at the gastronomic events for your customers.