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Fresh Fish

METRO ensures availability of wide range of Fresh Fish at our shelf round the year to serve our valued customers. It includes all variety of local produce & also the imported range e.g., Atlantic Salmon coming from Norway.  To maintain the quality & freshness of Fish, METRO has established well maintained Cold Chain in from the source to the store. Our QA experts ensure the quality of the product starting from the catch of the Fish whether it is Wild Caught or Aquaculture. Customers are welcomed to inspect the quality of Fish to their satisfaction with all basic parameters like Bright Eyes, Red Gills, distinctive Gloss of skin and intact Fins etc.

Our fish assortment

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  • Overview

    METRO has the widest range of seafood and fishes to offer to their customers, that too at the most affordable prices. Who else can offer more than 25 varieties of seafood under one roof at the most competitive prices?

  • Quality

    Fish is caught from fresh water and aqua culture. It is maintained end to end in a controlled environment, to preserve its quality. At the end of the day we provide the best quality to our customers.

  • Product Range

    METRO offers more than 48 types of species in sea food. Wide range of assortment is carried according to customer demands and considering seasonality effects.