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DIY & Home Improvement

Whether you are industry professional or domestic user, METRO understands your requirements and we provide you with best products & solutions in town with value for money. We care for you and address your all needs under one roof.

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  • Lamps & Bulbs

    Wide range of domestics and industrial energy savers, LED lights, Tube lights, starters, electronic ballasts

  • Electrical Installation

    Electrical and power cables, extension cables, stabilizers and electrical accessories

  • Power Tools

    Drill Machines, Rotary hammers, Angle Grinders, cordless screwdrivers, heat guns, electrical blowers, Planners and Saws

Hand Tools: Hammers, Combination/round nose/ cutting pliers Water pump pliers, Pipe wrench, Bolt cutters, Adjustable wrenches , Screw drivers, Socket sets, Combination spanner set, Double ring spanner sets, open end spanner sets. Plastic Tool boxes and tool organizers/holders.

Safety Items: Fire Extinguisher, Gum Shoes, Safety Shoes, Professional Dungarees/Uniforms, Safety Goggles, Safety Helmet, Surgical Mask, Rubber Gloves.
Generators: Extensive Range of domestic, office and industrial generators, Petrol/Duel Fuel 1KVA to 7KVA, Gas Generator 2KVA to 17KVA, Diesel Generator 10KVA to 200KVA

Car Accessories: Interior & Exterior Accessories: Air fresheners and perfumes, tow ropes, booster cables, carpet mats, car cleaning equipment, high pressure washers, tyre inflators, car polisher etc.

Car cosmetics: Interior and exterior polishes, tyre and wheel polish, protectant , wipes, car wash and shampoos.

Engine Oil, Filter, Batteries: Petrol, Diesel, CNG Engine Oil and Drums, Oil / Air filters, Car batteries / UPS batteries

Operating Equipment:
Heavy Duty Racks, domestic and industrial range of fiber glass ladders, iron ladders, aluminum ladders, hand pallet trucks

Brand Portfolio

  • Armorall
  • Camelion
  • Guard
  • Lister Peter
  • Philips
  • Total
  • Black & Decker
  • Cosmic
  • Hens
  • Newage Cables
  • PSO
  • WD40
  • Briggs & Stratton
  • Enpower
  • Homeage
  • OES Power
  • Shell
  • Yamaha
  • Caltex
  • Formula1
  • Hyundai
  • Osaka
  • STP
  • ZIC