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METRO doesn't stay behind in offering the widest product range in Detergents and Cleaning Agents. If you need a solution to get rid of those strong stains, clean the floors, or wash clothes, we have got all the solutions for you.

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  • Detergents

    Ariel, Tide, Surf Excel, Brite, Bonus, Express, Bright & Clean, Comfort, Softlan

  • Cleaning Agents

    Lemon Max, Vim, Harpic

  • Household Items

    Mortien, Ariwick, Baygon, Finis, Mr Muscle, Astonish, Wizz, Mr Sheen, Vanish, Kingtox & Fine Dreaming

We offer you a wide assortment in detergents at competitive prices. We carry all types of SKUs from small for household usages to large for professional usage.