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  • Overview

    METRO offers the largest variety in Dairy section in Pakistan at the lowest prices. From UHT Milk to Processed Milk to Pasteurized Milk, from more than 5 types of cheese, 3 types of butter, 3 yogurts (flavored and plain), 3 ready to drink solutions, we offer you endless options at same place!

  • Quality

    We offer choice, variety and range of all leading national and international brands in our Dairy section. A large temperature controlled area ensures that our customers can get all their product needs at best prices, while quality is ensured!

  • Product Range

    UHT Milk: Milkpak, Olpers, Haleeb, GoodMilk
    Processed Milk: Dairy Omung, Dairy Pure
    Pasteurized Milk: Prema, Anhaar
    Flavoured Milk: Pakola
    Yoghurt: Cottage, Nestle
    Cheese & Butter: Adams, Nurpur, Happy Cow, Puck, Kraft