METRO Qurbani Service 2024

Terms and conditions 

  • Qurbani order bookings will be closed 3 days prior to EID
  • Metro Online reserves the right to cancel any order subject to availability, confirmations and/or any other reason deemed fit by the company. In case of prepayment the customer will be fully compensated in this scenario.
  • Delivery Charges are PKR 999 for Cow Share & Goat, PKR 3500 for whole cow per order.
  • Delivery will be made to the address specified by the customer on the completed order form only on the ground floor.
  • Customer can cancel his/her order up till 7 days before Eid. Metro Online does not offer return/refund policy.
  • Modes of payment are Direct Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Jazz Cash and Advance Cash Collection
  • Self-Pickup customers will have the option to pick their order from the store mentioned by them in their order checkout summary, as per the time slot of that respective day. In case of any issues at a specific store, Metro team will get in touch directly with the customer to facilitate with an alternative option.
  • Customers who choose self-pickup are required to bring a photocopy of their CNIC, and a print of the confirmation email at the time of pickup.
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METRO & Customer Qurbani Agreement

1) Under this agreement, Metro is providing three types of services:                                             

  i) Purchase of a sacrificial animal or its share on customer's behalf
  ii) Sacrifice of sacrificial animal in light of the principles of Shariah
  iii) Meat making and Delivery to Customers

2) The sacrificial animal purchased for the customer will be according to the Shariah requirements and quality and hygiene standards set by METRO.

3) The average weight of goat meat will be 11.5 to 13.5 KG, the average weight of cow's portion meat will be 12 to 14 KG while the total weight of whole cow meat will be 98 to 110 KG. The weight of the living goat will be 23 to 28 KG. While the cow will weigh around 200 to 220 KG. However, the final weight of the meat will be determined only after the sacrifice.

4) The purchase of the sacrificial animal will be executed according to the number of bookings after the booking process is over.

5) The determination of the sacrificial animal for the customer and possession of it by the customer will take effect immediately before the sacrificial process.

6) Cows, goats will include both males and females

7) Metro is bound to purchase the animal within the price fixed in the said agreement.

8) The animal will be sacrificed in the light of Shariah principles.

9) The meat is made and supplied in the light of The Metro’s hygiene principles.

10) Animal payee (Trotters), heart, kidney, liver will not be kept separate for each individual but will be distributed equally/Jointly.

11) Animal’s By-product Siri (head), excess fat, ujri (stomach), intestines etc. will be discarded. Metro is bound to distribute its meat to deserving if customer is not able to come and collect meat for any reason on time.

12) The skin of the sacrificial animal will be donated to Edhi or Shaukat Khanum as per the information provided by the customer.

13) As soon as your order is booked, the customer will join this agreement with Metro, the sacrificial meat of each person will be kept separate lying for it and provided according to the details mentioned in the receipt, it is the responsibility of the customer to protect the receipt issued at the time of booking and the supply of sacrificial meat will be on the same receipt.  

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