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Enjoy a full range of high-quality clothing options that provide solution for life. Providing you with over 100 products which include imported & branded clothing lines. 

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We dedicate a lot of time and energy to the selection, quality-control and assurance of our products.
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We partner up with local businesses for uniqueness of choice, better availability, and transparency.
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We build for efficiency, durability and trust. And we know you do too.
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At METRO PAKISTAN we endeavor to make an impact each day. We aim to enrich our customers with unmatched shopping experience and create value for every clothing segment that we serve and seek for the best possible customer understanding and satisfaction. METRO’s full range of quality clothing provides solutions for real life. Similarly we offer broad range of Footwear, both branded & imported.

There’s a reason why METRO is one of the leading retail destination in children clothing in the Pakistan today. Quality fabrics, adorable designs and attention to detail come together to create a brand moms have trusted for generations. From our comfy baby jeans to our practical baby pajamas, moms can count on METRO to keep kid’s every need at the forefront. METRO’s full range of quality clothing provides solutions for real life. We have both formal & casual footwear available at stores with over 100 products (branded & imported).

Product Range

We at METRO provide the best possible clothing range to our customers keeping in mind their requirements and needs with optimum standards of men’s, ladies and children’s clothing. We have a vast range of products in bottoms, uppers, tops, innerwear, casual/smart casual wear, ethnic clothing, ladies unstitched range of seasonal textiles keeping in mind the trends, colors and seasons for every segment.

Brand Portfolio

  • Fine Star
  • Hinz
  • Living
  • Couture
  • Rollover 
  • Sitara Textiles
  • DINER's
  • Gomila
  • Jockey
  • MOD Sweaters
  • Servis
  • Our In-house Brands: Active, Authentic, Tailor & Son
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Value brand across the core needs of food requirements for Traders
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