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METRO offers you all leading brands and SKUs when it comes to coffee, tea and snacks. Whether you are shopping for tea time for home, need specialized SKUs for your office, restaurants or catering business, need wide range of articles for canteen or your retail stores, we have it all under one roof. And no one else can offer you a wider variety at our unbeatable rates

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We dedicate a lot of time and energy to the selection, quality-control and assurance of our products.
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We offer you all SKUs of leading national coffee, tea & snacks brands, Nescafe and many more. In our imported assortment range we have on offer more than 40 SKUs of leading brands including Nescafe, Lavazza, Maxwell House, Davidoff, and many others. Giving you many options under one roof; while giving you the ease to shop for your favorite brands! 

Product Range

Brands: Lipton, Supreme, Tapal Danedar, Family Mixture, Tezdum, Pearl Dust, Alokozay, Tetley, Vital, and others

SKUs: 28gm, 30gm, 95gm, 190gm, 380gm, 450gm, 475gm, 950gmTeabags: 25 pieces, 50 pieces, 100 pieces, 300 pieces and 600 pieces

Green Tea: Original, Lemon, Jasmine, and others

Brand Portfolio

What do you like to munch as snacks? Biscuits, wafers, crisps, nibbles, nimko or popcorns? No one can offer more choice in snacks then we do

Biscuits: We have all major local and international brands, including Peak Freans, LU, Bisconni, Innovative, Kolson, Britannia, Tiffany, Nutro, Wafer Master and many more. And we offer you in every size and price point to fulfill your needs.

Crisps: We offer all SKUs of leading national and international brands like Lays, Cheetos, Kurleez, Doritos, Kurkure, Super Crisps, Slanty, and many others.

Nimko: We have nimko of leading brands like Nimco, Bunny's and PepsiCo. But do not forget to taste our amazing Fine Food Nimko.

Popcorns: Our range of popcorns includes Kernel pop, American Garden, Omaz and others. Apart from these, we have a wide variety of imported products and Own Brands in water and soft drinks.

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