“I want to make Ukrainian cuisine famous all over the world.”


Viktor, South Ukrainian Association of Chefs, Ukraine,


 Two years ago, Viktor founded the South Ukrainian Association of Chefs. They created a number of events like national cooking competitions and self-improvement workshops for chefs. Always with the goal of enlightening the world about Ukrainian cuisine and gaining international recognition along the side.


“To me, Ukrainian cuisine means tradition above everything else. There is this great expression: ‘You are what you eat’. I want Ukrainians to eat Ukrainian food and appreciate it; I want them to keep loving other cuisines, keep visiting other restaurants and other countries, but with the cuisine of their homeland always remaining in their hearts.”

- Viktor said about Ukrainian cuisine

“I travel a lot and eat at national restaurants in every country I visit. It baffles me why Odessa has only one restaurant, specializing in national cuisine. So one of my goals is to open a real Ukrainian restaurant to show people real Ukrainian cuisine, made with real Ukrainian products. I think that we have it in us to show the world how diverse Ukrainian cuisine is.”

-Talking about his goal



“Many years ago, when I was working all across Europe, I first encountered Metro. Some time later, Metro opened an store in the Ukraine. We started cooperating with them from day one. Metro is one of the key partners we have, but I think they will be our main and only partner in the future. I hope we will be able to achieve a lot together, visit many conventions and show off our Ukrainian cuisine in the international arena.”

-Viktor said about his cooperation with Metro

The South Ukrainian Association of Chefs is growing, with more young people joining their ranks who want to consciously pursue cooking, develop Ukrainian cuisine and represent it abroad.


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