METRO Pakistan (Pvt) limited

Your success is our business! 

About us

METRO opened its first cash & carry wholesale center in Pakistan in 2007 & expanded to 5 wholesale centers in a short span of 18 months. In July 2012 METRO and Makro-Habib combined their wholesale business in Pakistan marking the beginning of a long-term partnership to the mutual benefit of both companies. The merger allowed METRO and Makro-Habib to combine resources and gain the financial strength to lead and grow in a challenging environment and to gain synergies targeted to generate value for our customers and suppliers alike. Today the company is operating 10 wholesale centers in Lahore, Karachi, Multan Islamabad & Faisalabad.
METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited is part of METRO GROUP’s sales division METRO Cash & Carry, the international leader in self-service wholesale. The company operates more than 750 stores in 25 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa and has a workforce of over 107,000 employees. Sales in 2016/17 were approximately 37 billion Euro


The company has a simple and efficient business concept, which is defined through its customer base: we cater to Business Customers and End Consumers. We welcome both families and business owners to our stores everyday and serve them with all our expertise.
Wholesale centers: 10
Market Entry: 2007

Supporting local businesses

METRO serves as a catalyst for growth by implementing a modern trade infrastructure along the entire value chain: We offer local businesses like small retailers and restaurants a reliable supply source of up to 90 % locally procured goods as well as services to increase their competitiveness. At the same time we implement a modern agricultural supply chain resulting in reduction of wastage and better quality produce. In Pakistan METRO e.g. established collection centers for local farmers providing them with the opportunity to sell their produce directly at a fair market price. Through efficient post-harvest handling methods introduced by METRO a 95 % improvement in availability and quality was achieved.

Helping Pakistan Tap Into Export Markets

While growing its business METRO Pakistan will also enlarge its win-win relationships with its suppliers: We reach out to local farmers and producers by providing them with customized training programs to address gaps in knowledge and technical skills helping them to grow in national and international markets. Already 56 Pakistani companies underwent training in the scope of the companies Star Farm initiative, resulting e.g. in 20 traceable products “Made in Pakistan”, that have been developed to promote local produce for export.