Better for you & our Planet


METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited, we believe that long-term economic growth can only be achieved if it is aligned with a responsible approach to society

Better for you and for the planet

As a leading wholesale company we are part of a dynamic world which is constantly evolving. A sustainable future is crucial to us and can only be assured with the necessary responsibility. At METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited, we believe that long-term economic growth can only be achieved if it is aligned with a responsible approach to society, our employees and the environment.

Therefore we  work continuously on sustainability-related measures and projects. Our sustainability vision defines what we aim for, namely to offer excellent quality of life to our customers, our employees and anyone who works for us, while protecting the environment and the society we live in. Therefore, we have set ourselves high targets in these areas in order to become better every day.

METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited has firmly embedded the principle of sustainable economic activities in its core business. We also consider environmental and social aspects as part of all entrepreneurial decisions and processes.

Secure Planet

In our business operations, we use resources such as fossil fuels responsibly and do not allow waste to arise in the first place. This gives us leeway for investments to come up with attractive solutions for our customers and for new business areas. Apart from that, we minimize our effect on the climate and protect the environment. Through sustainable procurement and sustainable product choices we also help ensure that resources will continue to be available in the long term. This is how we help to create a sound foundation for the retail sector of tomorrow

Solatube Day-lighting System

METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited has taken another big initiative towards energy saving by implementing Solatube Daylighting System in 5 stores (Capital, DHA, Model Town, Ravi, Safari Stores) which are now operating completely on daylight. All our customers now enjoy shopping in daylight as 85% to 90% of our sales floor area is day lit. Between 900 to 1500 electric lights have been turned off in each store due to this initiative.

METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited - Clean & Green Pakistan

METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited organized an inauguration ceremony of its Solar Power Solution at its Islamabad Store and pledged to reduce Co2 emissions. H.E. Bernhard Schlagheck (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Islamabad, Pakistan) and Mr. Malik Amin Aslam Khan (Federal Minister/Advisor to PM on Climate Change), were invited as chief guest.

The event commenced with a speech by Mr. Marek Minkiewicz (Managing Director METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited) in which he shared that the Capital Store is the 4th Store that has successfully implemented Solar Power Solution. At Capital Store alone 1,100 solar panels have been installed that will generate 260kW and 440,000 units of clean energy per year which will in turn reduce 260,000 kg carbon emissions per year which is equaling to planting 8000 tress grown for 10 years. At the same time the energy spared by this initiatives can power 250 households for an entire year.

Hand crafted basket

Keeping in mind the one key principle of METRO, i.e. Sustainability - we successfully inducted the “hand crafted basket” made out of palm leaves in the Fruits & Vegetables  section in collaboration with Star Farm (Metro Group owned Company).

These baskets are being procured through an NGO working with the name of “Go Green Pakistan” and are being made by women in rural Punjab. These baskets are organic and compostable.

Celebrations of World Food Day

On 16th October, 2017, METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited celebrated World Food Day to  create awareness among the employees to reduce food wastage and take actions for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure food security, nutritious diets for all to show our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goal 2 i.e. Zero Hunger. Being a food company it is our responsibility and also our chance to make a change. So fulfilling this responsibility, employees made their pledges e.g. “I pledge against food waste…” to play their part in creating a more fairer, healthier, more sustainable and vibrant food system.

Sustainability Day

Environmental and social commitment is the reigning theme on the occasion of Sustainability Day at METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited. The aim of celebrating Sustainability Day is to raise awareness and familiarize its employees with the subject. One important goal is to bring about a rethinking among employees and make them ambassadors of change.
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