METRO is Safe for Shopping

METRO Cares for the well-being of our Customers and Employees.

Hence in the current county situation METRO Pakistan is taking every necessary precautions for the safety of our employees and customers in managing COVID-19. At the same time we always make sure "NO" price distortion and abide by ethical standards in doing business. Rest assured our commitment is in keeping the premises hygienic and safe. 

Key Measures

METRO we have been consistently making sure that our stores are safe for our customers, we have been disinfecting our stores on a daily. As well as making sure that our employees as checked before entering the work space. This helps us make sure that our customers don't have the risk of getting infected at METRO. 

Further Key Measurers

METRO makes sure that all individuals are wearing masks and work with gloves; this helps us promote a more hygienic work space. We at METRO also make sure that the SOPs are followed appropriately as the social distance is mandatory with up to 1 meter of distance between two individuals. 

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