Be celebrated on Own Business Day, October 12th, 2021.

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October 12th, 2021


Find out more about the day! Visit out stores to enjoy own business day!

Find out more about Own Business Day

What is Own business day

  • Own Business Day is the day we celebrate you for all the joy your business brings into everyone’s life – on any given day. Therefore, we’ve invited the world to truly enjoy what you cater for – like they mean it.
  • So, be proud of starting your own business in the first place, enjoy the day and take advantage of  amazing deals, professional services and a valuable gift you can pick up from your METRO store. Because there’s no joy without you!
  • Exposure to global reach of METRO in more than 20+ countries world wide.
  • Special deals on own business day for our customers.

Start your day with Breakfast from METRO

  • We help kick start your day with breakfast! Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy amazing breakfast with METRO.  Visit any METRO Store and have breakfast with us on the 12th of October. We at METRO appreciate our customers. 
  • Put #Loveownbusinessday on your social media platform with a picture of yourself enjoying your breakfast.
  • Terms and Conditions applied.
  • Valid from 9AM to 12PM. 
  • (Minimum purchase of PKR 2000, 1 breakfast per 1 invoice). 

Appreciation of our business partners.

  • We at METRO Pakistan appreciate all our customers, even during the tough times of COVID-19. We have helped our customers achieve their goals and provided them quality services. We celebrate our relationship with our customers on this day & we thank you for being our partners. 
  • We hope to keep this relationship with our customers & help them in their time of need. As there's is no joy with you!

Collaboration with Food Panda

  • We have collaborated with Food Panda on our Own Business Day to provide their home chefs with a opportunity of a lifetime. They will be allowed to set up stalls in all our METRO stores in Pakistan. 
  • Don't miss out your chance to have an amazing day out & try their home made delicious food. Bring your families along to help support our local heroes & help promote our local cuisine. 
  • Their Stalls will be available from the 7th of October to the 20th of October 2021. 
  • Terms and conditions applied
  • Use #loveownbusines while uploading your pictures on social media.
Celebrate Own Business Day.
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Own Business Day 2021