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Features and Benefits


The M-Companion makes shopping and purchase management easier for you. Find quickly and effectively, everything you need and want to know about a product. Current offers, product prices - and availability, invoice management and the digital shopping list are just a few helpful functions of the App.

Digital Card

With the METRO Companion App, you always have your customer card with you digitally on your mobile phone. This way, you don't even have to carry the plastic card with you anymore.

Your Shopping List

The METRO Companion App offers you a digital shopping list. Add desired products and offers from the METRO brochures to your shopping list in the App. Do you already have an item in your shopping cart? Then you can simply check it off on the digital shopping list. This way you can keep track of your shopping at all times.

Discover Our Assortment

Save time searching for an item. In the METRO Companion App, you can easily search for your desired item and at the same time check whether the desired item is available in your store. The price of the item is displayed directly.

Get Your Deals

Discover current deals, promotions and discount coupons for your purchases. Always stay up to date and keep track of all offers.

More Benefits of M-Companion Application

Find offers faster

Find offers quickly and easily! The App will assist you in your shopping as best as possible. With the handy filter function in your METRO App, you can find specific articles or browse by category.

Delivery ordering

Easily order and have it delivered. If you are a delivery customer, you can now order via the METRO App. Select your items via the App and conveniently order your delivery to the desired location.

Manage all cards in one App

Have you registered more than one company? Easily manage all your cards in the METRO App. This way, you always keep track of your purchase history and your invoices for the respective company.

Digital invoices

You can view your bill in the METRO App at any time. This way, you always have an overview without having to tediously file or search through your paper invoices. In addition, you have the option to share invoices with other people and deactivate the invoice printout at the checkout.

Scan products for more information

Do you have questions about the food or other products? Then you can use the app to scan the item's barcode and get all the information about it. Where do the vegetables come from or what coating does the desired cookware have? The METRO App will tell you.
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