Empower People to Live a Better Life

People are at the heart of what we do whether they are our own employees or our business partners in our value chain. Our measures aim at establishing sustainable relationships with our employees, suppliers and customers. By ensuring decent living and working conditions, we demonstrate responsibility in the supply chain. In this way, we also contribute to meeting SDG 8 and promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. We respect, protect and support our employees. We enable them to integrate sustainability systematically into their everyday work and decisions. This is how we create a sustainable, attractive working environment that enables our employees to develop good working relationships with suppliers and offer our customers optimum, sustainable solutions that meet their needs.

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More than 146,000 employees in 35 countries exemplify the success of METRO. Their dedication and the decisions they take in their everyday work generate added value for our customers and for society. We strive to appreciate the individuality of our employees, foster their diversity through inclusion and strengthen their personal responsibility. In addition, we care for their personal and professional development and encourage creativity and innovation. In this way, we help them to implement our corporate strategy successfully and sustainably, and can be a preferred employer for existing and future employees.

Promoting and Embedding Sustainability Awareness

We encourage our employees to apply our corporate principles on a day-to-day basis. This also includes to think ahead, develop sustainable solutions and to act responsibly. Our shared values are embedded in our 5 guiding principles:
Customer success
Power of relationships
Sustainable business
Leadership by example

The employees’ individual performances are also assessed every year as part of the Results & Growth process with respect to how these principles were complied with.

Furthermore, METRO’s internal social media platform United is also an effective tool for communicating sustainability-related initiatives and knowledge.

METRO Sustainable Leadership Development Program

The METRO Sustainable Leadership Program (MSLP) lets young executives experience the close connection between sustainability and leadership responsibility – vis-a-vis themselves and their colleagues as well as other partners. This program encourages them to integrate sustainability into their day-to-day work. Up till now 7 employees have represented METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited in this journey and have implemented different sustainable projects. Through their work, the employees thus become ambassadors of sustainability, highlighting the relevance of this issue to the various business divisions. In addition, the network of participants inspires people to collaborate and exchange knowledge across the various sales line.

Occupational Safety & Health Management

The demographic development, the profound changes in the working environment and the increasingly acute competition over qualified human resources require from us promising and far-sighted concepts for occupational safety and a viable health management. Hence, we have laid down unambiguous guidelines and support a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and business partners. In this way, we intend to further reduce accident rates and occupational illnesses and selectively promote performance and motivation among our employees in the long term.

Women In Trade

This is also the objective of the METRO employee network Women in Trade (WiT). WiT regards itself as a catalyst for change in gender diversity. WiT aims to support and promote the professional development of women. Within the local chapter, METRO Pakistan (Pvt) Limited has set two goals which is to ‘drive cultural change in the company’ and ‘focus on female employment & development internally and externally’. The network offers men and women the chance to contribute their specific knowledge and expertise. Few of the initiatives already taken under WiT include Day Care, Store Female Leadership Development Program, Flexi Policy, Female Vehicle Allowance Policy, Female at Technical Role Policy, International Mentoring Tool, exchanges on business issues as well as training offers. WiT Pakistan was appreciated and recognized as one of the best in its industry; METRO Pakistan also won 6 best practice awards during Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmark ceremony held by HR Matrix in March 2020.

Supply Chain - Women In Trade Festival

The Women in Trade Festival, held on the 6th of October 2019 with the aim to provide platform to women running their business from home to support them and connect them to the market - with the vision to contribute to a future with increasingly more Women Owned businesses sustaining & flourishing.

The Women in Trade Festival, saw 60 plus Women Business owners setup up stalls for FREE at our DHA Store in Lahore to promote and sell their products. The event was an instant hit as a lot of women and men both came out to support this unique initiative. The customers enjoyed exposure to a diverse range of food, organic products & crafts. 

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