“I want to stay one step ahead of my competitors.”


Ferenc, Vadaspark Étterem, Hungary


After more than 30 years of running the family business, Vadaspark Étterem, Ferenc has established a routine for making sure everything runs smoothly. Even when 100 extra guests show up unannounced. His establishment seats over 400, making it the market leader of its niche.


“When I took over the business in 1996 I was young and eager. I thought that more revenue and a better position in our market could be achieved by expanding the business in terms of size. We then started a relatively large construction project to increase our seating capacity. And in the first years that followed we focused on filling those seats and tables with guests.”

-Ferenc said about his first move as manager

“For instance, we differentiate ourselves from others when we receive our guests, we offer them a shot of pálinka in a miniature Miska jug. And it cannot be expected from our major suppliers to deliver these special Miska jugs, which we’ve been giving to our guests for thirty years now. We have a ceramist who has been making these jugs for us for many decades.”

-Talking about their gimmick



“We used to buy the products that we could not buy elsewhere at Metro. The kind of products and the exceptionally wide selection that aren’t available from other suppliers. About three years ago we saw a major change in Metro’s business policy. And since then, Metro has practically become our biggest supplier for almost everything.”

-Ferenc said about Metro

The restaurant is located in the middle of a forest, which naturally puts wild game on the menu, bringing traditional Hungarian hospitality to people from all over the world.


Ferenc Tóth Vadaspark Étterem

Adresse Budapest, Szanatórium utca, 1121 Ungarn

Telefon +36 1 275 2436

Website vadasparkrest.com



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