“My goal is to bring authentic Neapolitan cuisine to Sofia.”


Valeria, Ristorante Napoli, Bulgaria


When Valeria returned to Bulgaria after living in Italy for several years, she brought her love for Neapolitan cuisine back with her. Today she shares this passion with her fellow Bulgarians through her restaurant. The concept is rounded off with her head chef from Naples and an original Italian pizza oven.


“I like Naples, I like Italy, I like their cuisine. So this is why I opened the restaurant, because I wanted my fellow Bulgarians to feel the authenticity of the Neapolitan cuisine, to try good food with high quality. This is also the reason why my chef is Neapolitan.”

-Valeria said about her choice of cuisine

“I like having people in the restaurant, when they come to eat and I like to enjoy being among them. I’m interested in whether they like the food, if they are satisfied, do they have any comments. This way I can gather information from them so I can make them feel at home in my restaurant and make sure they leave feeling satisfied.”

-Talking about her guests



“I had no problem selecting a supplier because I already knew about Metro when I was living in Italy. So I immediately started working with Metro here, and I found in them not only a loyal partner but a friend as well. Now Metro imports all the products I need from Italy, making my work easier. When I need something, they are able to make the delivery on the spot – fresh and straight from Italy.”

-Valeria said about Metro

Ristorante Napoli transports its guests to Italy with a mouth-watering range of authentic Neapolitan dishes served in a sophisticated and homey atmosphere.


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