“I want my family shop to be the go-to-place.”


Elliott, Little Chef, Belgium,


He is 29 and until 3 years ago, when he founded Little Chef, Elliott didn’t even know how to cut an onion. Today, he is well ahead of others with his thinking on reusing food wastes. Together with his team, he works for big clients and private events, but he’s also making sure that the needy won’t stay hungry.


“When we started up our company, we were cooking without a big plan. We just wanted to have fun and share our food with our clients. At some point we asked ourselves: What do people do with their unsold products? And while we got to work on that, we were faced with people who didn't have any food. So we set off in that direction without looking back. That's it.”


-Elliott said about the beginnings

“Now we find ourselves cooking and sharing our food with many people, whether they are our clients or the volunteer workers alongside us. I think that’s what makes me the proudest. Seeing that we’ve actually managed to create something from this passion, something pure. There’s nothing more beautiful than sharing with people.”


-Talking about sharing



“By educating ourselves about the food waste situation, we basically discovered a whole new way of cooking. And we get our products at Metro, simply because they’ve got everything I need there and I don’t need to think about it.”


-Elliott said about Metro

Little Chef not only offers professional catering services for private clients, companies and charity events, but supplies food for the needy as well.


Elliot Van de Velde Little Chef
Addres: Molenbeek-Saint-Jean/Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Belgien
Tel: +32 472 51 13 83

Web: www.littlechef.be


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