“I want to serve fine dining in a casual way.”

Fabian, ænd, Austria


After taking almost a year off to figure out the meaning of gastronomy for himself, Fabian developed a concept for serving fine dining without the elegant atmosphere. His cool and relaxed attitude radiates through the restaurant in an inviting way, and is reflected in the food he serves.


“The name ænd reflects the central idea behind our concept: We want the service/kitchen staff to work together, without anyone feeling excluded or judged. We want everything to flow, and we want everyone to have fun without trying to change anyone. And the name has to match the concept, as far as I’m concerned.”

-Fabian said about his choice of name for the business

“I really don’t like it when chefs present themselves as solo performers. I need a motivated team, or I can’t do anything. Because the concept is so open, we have an open kitchen, so you notice right away if one of the chefs or waiters is motivated or not. This is really important, and many people forget that.”

-Talking about his crew



“Luckily, thanks to my goals I believe that I can walk through life feeling pretty relaxed. I’m not as uptight as I was five years ago. My primary concern is to get the restaurant up and running so I can have fun. That's always the most important thing for me and then everything else falls in place on its own. I have my own restaurant, I'm healthy, I can do it my way. I’ve actually already achieved my goals.”

-Fabian said about his goals

At ænd, diners are served sophisticated dishes that are reduced to the essentials in an open space layout that sparks conversation. A fine dining experience with a casual theme.


Fabian Günzel ænd 

Address: Mollardgasse 76, 1060 Wien

Tel:  01 595 34 16

Web: https://aend.at


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