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A day created by METRO dedicated to all independent business owners like you. Every second Tuesday of October we celebrate own business day to give you all the awareness, recognition and support that you need for your own business success.


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Real people, real stories - Own Business Day 2017

See what other business owners had to say about their experience on Own Business Day 2017.


Basköse Restaurant, Turkey

Until today our advertisement was mostly rough word of mouth. But how can you describe taste? Metro, took it to the next level with METRO Own Business Day.“

It's time for your own story. Become a part of Own Business Days 2018.

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Café&Bistro Chez Nous, Czech

We consider the use of seasonal products. We cooperate with local suppliers as much as possible. We simply want to do things the right way. “

It's time for your own story. Become a part of Own Business Days 2018.

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Create special offers

Show the world what you have to offer by creating and publishing specials, even before Own Business Day arrives.


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Spread the word

Share your specials and tell all your customers about them! They can then applaud for them online.

The most popular specials will be showcased.

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Celebrate the day

Promote your business and attract customers near you with special offers on Own Business Day. You can stand out by showing off what makes your business special and make it a day worth remembering - for you and your customers.

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What is a special?

It's something you want to offer your customers on Own Business Day. It can be anything from a 2-for-1 deal to "today only" offers - and more!

Why should you create a special?

People all over the world will be celebrating Own Business Day on 9th of October. You can be a part of the celebration by creating your own special offers for this day. Doing so gets the attention of old and new customers around you, attracting them to your business on the day itself.


How can you join?

Sign up here with your email address and start creating specials right away.



What is Own Business Day? 

It's the day we celebrate business owners around the world, who don't just own but live their business.


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What is a special?

Special offers are something you create online to show old and new customers alike, what makes your business special. It can be a product or a service you want to offer people around your own Business Day.

How can I join?

Simply sign up your business here with your email address and start creating specials right away.

What will happen on October 9th?

You celebrate Own Business Day together with your customers! You can even decorate your business with our free merch kit and enjoy customers dropping by to check out your specials.

Is all of this free-of-charge?

Yes it is! We want to help advertise and celebrate your business.

What is an applause?

After publishing your specials and spreading the word about them, your loyal customers can applaud your specials on the Own Business Day site with just one click. Specials with the most applause will be showcased.

Which industries can join Own Business Day?

Everyone can join! Own Business Day is a celebration of all kinds of business owners from all over the world.